Customized LED Lighting Manufacturing

 ValueBright  dedicated itself to focus on a single significant objective in the global sector. Focus on a way to decrease the energy consumption by customizing our efforts in manufacturing a total energy efficient lighting systems. We are all faced with the intangibles such as an increase in global population; continued energy consumption resulting from a rise in demand for better lighting solutions that cannot continue to be supported by the "old" traditional incandescent lights as well as those heat producing energy savers.  ValueBright  knows change will not happen overnight, however we started taking steps to do this in our business model of design and manufacturing of our product with your needs in mind.

Our industrial requirements will focus on custom nonstandard projects that can and will meet the requisites of the Oil Sector, autobahn or freeway lighting, airports whether commercial or military, hospitals, universities with our lighting solutions.

 ValueBright  prides itself in meeting with all of our customers to assist them on their specific requirements. This includes current and existing fixtures that we can retro-fit 90% of all fixtures. Regardless if it is custom lighting requirements for large or small businesses projects for the various types of lighting tones; we can design, manufacture, test, prior to shipment, for functionality, efficiency , durability, and safety concerns such as mercury and ultraviolet pollution in your offices and homes. This is done with the intention that for our installation projects, our product is ready for the consumer's integration into their homes, businesses and all applied requirements.