Lighting Fixtures Design

Our design engineers consider every facet of how the light is designed, such as the structure, power requirements as well safety where there is no compromise. All that while accounting for thermal, electrical and optical interfaces as we continue to improve on quality methods of production of more energy efficient solutions for the market. Our team is challenged with meeting efficiency and reliability goals more aggressively in pursuit of perfection towards creating the best hue and luminance the production of the  ValueBright “  for your use.

 ValueBright  works with our clients in providing custom lighting designs to meet their unique and individual requirements for their homes or businesses. We also provide custom services to our clients to support their business private sector contract requirements as well as government ministerial tenders.

ValueBright 's portfolio combines the best building blocks for complete system solutions encompassing the broadest level of professional expertise in developing a comprehensive and efficient, reliable, and cost effective product for any requirement. Whether it is for expeditionary environments, hospital, your family room, archaeological dig, a play room for your children, or the board room for your staff, we want to provide you flexibility and scalable lighting management options with  ValueBright , all at a cost savings of our lighting designs.

Our lighting characters for our  ValueBright  's, whether for custom orders or projects we can design, e.g. surface mounted 's or our traditional down lights with tones that meet your requirements, i.e., warm white, soft white, cool white and natural white, and red, green, blue (RGB) and various other custom colors for all commercial and industrial requirements, e.g. weather proof for inclement conditions too Ingress Protection (IP)-65, 66, & 67.

 ValueBright  embraces each challenge and dedicates itself to excellence in supporting our customers' requirements.