Street Light VB-SL600

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Type VB-SL600 (30W / 50W / 60W)
Light source LED
Input voltage AC (85V~265V) DC (12V 24V)
Output voltage 25V~36 V
Power factor (PF) > 0.9
Power 30W / 50W / 60W
Light efficiency 90 lm / w
Color temperature (CCT) 2700 - 7000K
Color instruction > 80
View angle 120°
Work temperature > —30℃~50℃
Work humidity 10%~95% RH
Life time > 50000 Hrs
Case body and lampshade aluminium alloy and toughened glass
Dimension of the external box (L * W * H) 630 * 300 * 200 mm
Net weight 8 Kg
IP grade IP65
Quantity (PCS) 1pcs in a carton
  • VB-SL600 series high power LED street light is one of green environment protected new lights which our company chooses imported chips and self-encapsulated integrated chips LED as light source & which accord with GB7000.5-2005 standard (road and street illuminance lighting safety requirements).
  • Logical structure, beautiful appearance, wetness & heat endurance, perfect airproof.
  • High fixture efficiency, real vision; on harm to eyes and skin; safe use.
  • Choose new types of LED lightings and outfit specially designed light-fit system. Light working life is 50000hrs which can be used over 10 years. Don't need replace lamp for it's whole life. Under same lux, the lights can save energy 60% more than high voltage sodium lamps.
  • Agile & convenient installation.
  • Environment protected, energy saved, no empoison. LED is no empoison for environment, and stable for capability which realizes real green environment protected energy saving lighting.
  • Applicability scope: VB-SL600 series LED street lights can be used for city roads, habitation areas, industrial areas, pedestrian crossing, squares, gardens, schools, villas, yards, etc.
  • This product is applicable for wide voltage AC power supply network, environmental temperature is around -40℃~55℃.
  • During installation please first to fix the street lights on poles through installation brackets.4.3.1lf power supply is DC drived, red cable of street light for anode, white cable for cathode.
  • If power supply is AC/DC drived, colored cable of street lights should be connected with ground (having nameplate with ground).
  • Connecting power supply after checking, lights can work.
  • Open the stainless clasper, and open the crust of the street light and open underprop. Connect cables of street light. Pay attention to the notes of connection. Cable connection should be distinguished zero wire N, ground wire, live wire. Set sealed circle onto bracket tube of light pole and set into light installation loop. Please note to set it on an even keel and fix with bolt. The largest buckle stainless clasper. Don't press light wires.
  • Installation (As below picture shows):