Various Usages

What is so amazing if you think back, just a few years ago, many people thought of these LED lights as nothing more than the tiny red lights in our laser pointers but my, how the times have changed!

With more and more people realizing the energy-efficiency benefits of using LED's it seems that everything from headlights to TVs to even clothing and wallpaper are now being lit up by this versatile lighting technology.

Unlike incandescent lights, LED's are super-compact, don't emit the levels of heat and consume just a fraction of energy.

Coupled with the fact, they're flexible, plastic design allows them to be used in a wonderful variety of innovative ways that other types of lighting cannot.

We have seen so many different and wonderful applications for using and integrating LED technology lately by innovative designers and engineers, also companies, and individuals.

Some of the more creative uses are from LED bionic contact lenses, LED wall paper, LED eyelashes, LED solar powered sun roofs for cars, skylines, decorative lighting, health care, industry applications andtransportation just to name a few.

We believe that the usage of LED is limitless as the technology evolves.