COB LED Spot Light

LED spotlight is an assembly of multiple light-emitting diodes (LEDs) inside traditional light containers, such as bulbs or lamps. As most of us know, incandescent and fluorescent spotlights have long been the preferred choice for users primarily due to their low costs. However the LED spotlight has steadily gained market share over recent years owing to the massive drop in global pricing for semiconductors since Y2K, The small size of the LED allows for a more flexible distribution inside light containers, granting a more focused spatial light distribution, especially vital in large sporting or entertainment venues, e.g., stadiums, The lifespan of LED spotlights, could conceivably last for up to 25 years based on advancements made in technology. Contrasting sharply the lifespan of fluorescent and incandescent bulb; averages between 850 and 7,380 hours (estimated) respectively.